Friday, February 6, 2015

A Life Well Lived

January 6th my Grand-mom took her last breath. She lived 99 years and 8 months!

As I write this blog tears well up in my eyes and this tension fills my heart.  The tears...yes, for a life that has been lost but more because of the moments that are forever lost to me.  Choosing to live a life so far away from family means that I choose to miss the births and birthdays, the showers and the weddings, the dedications, the family dinners, the campouts (or glamping), the movie night or the game night, the shopping sprees (which I can do without) followed by the lunch dates with my sisters, the climbing into bed to my mom to talk about the day or the wrestling  with my nieces, nephews and small cousins (heck even the big ones).

Choosing to live so far away from family mean I chose to miss out on making memories,  that I chose to miss the one-on-one time with my grand-mom, who was a vivacious woman filled with love and compassion, the spark of life and a wicked sense of humor.    

Living so far actually never has to be a choice to miss out rather it's an opportunity to reach out and make sure even though I am not there in person I can find other creatives ways to be there.  An opportunity to not  allow fatigue,  the frustrations of the day and the "inconvenience" of time be the reasons or really excuses to miss out of real life and time with the ones I love.

When my grandma took her last breath I lost something precious...I lost time.

It is my desire to not miss any more time with the rest of my family.

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