Monday, January 9, 2012

Update: Houston... We Have A Problem--> Haiti we have a problem

Dang it, seriously... Ok guys this is to crazy for me to make it up... I finally got to Florida for my connecting flight back to Haiti.  I took a 6 am American Airlines to Haiti, was bumped up to first class (well actually I paid for an upgrade so I could get the extra bags of supplies on the fight, it was cheaper than paying for the bags).  Back to the crazy story, I am in the first class cabin, just finished drinking my pre-breakfast orange juice served on a tray in a glass, closed my eyes to take a rest (actually I was praying for knowledge and a steady hand for the pilot) when what do you think I hear....

YEP... "is there a doctor, nurse, or paramedic on board, please press your call light" umm hummm third flight in a row.  So I do what any medical professional would do, I crack open an eye to see if someone else responded, nope... here I go again.  I head to the back of the plane where an elderly lady was passed out cold, pulse weak, could not find a blood pressure cuff (they had a new complicated one that you would need a rocket scientist to figure it out).  We asked the family members if she had any medical help there... they didn't know. So I figured that at that time of the morning she probably did not have a chance to eat and her blood sugar was low.  I asked the flight attendant to get the glucose paste, she said that they did not have it so I told her to go to the black pocket of the emergency bag... sad to say I knew what was in each the emergency pockets because of very recent experiences.

Thank God the lady responded after we place the paste in her mouth followed by a peanut butter sandwich and OJ.

Lesson learned:

1.  Carry and emergency kit in my carry on
2. Never ask "whats next"
3. Always travel on American Air... they were the only ones that gave me frequent flyer miles (United and Continental just lost my business) LOL.  
4.  Take a later flight in the day.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Update: Houston... We Have A Problem

Update: No not another medical emergency... my plane has mechanical problems so they made us deboard after 40 min on the plane, now we are stuck in the airport in Houston. Next update 15: min. I love life it is so full of adventures.

Houston...We Have A Problem

On my flight to Houston the flight attendant started having palpitation mid flight, Three of us responded to the call. Ended up placing an AED on him to monitor his rhythm,giving him a IV bolus of NS and one dose of aspirin. On my flight to Cali we had a guy with seizures that bit his tongue bleed on me all before the flight took. 
Hmm. Seizures and cardiac issues. I wonder what will happen next on this next flight.