Friday, August 22, 2008

Ecuador or bust...

I am here... or there depending on where you are. I have finally reached Ecuador. Believe it or not I do not have any adventures to share. the whole process of getting here was so smooth, I knew something was bound to happen.... Wait....

O.k y'all know how I love to travel but I HATE flying. I am one of those people that you hope does not sit next to you because you know that as soon a there is the slightest bit of turbulence they are all over you... YES that is what I did. There was this gentlemen sitting next to me, we had a nice long conversation about his life a little about mine ( for those of you with a dirty mind.. no it was not a mid-Atlantic hook up). It was a nice conversation... I LIKE TO TALK...

...Anyways back to the story... at one point in this long flight from Cali to Atlanta there was some turbulence... let me tell you, before I knew it and most certainly before he knew it I was all over him. I mean, I had a grip on his arm and I was half on his seat.. ( dang it y'all planes are not suppose to drop and sway that hard!! I thought that I was going to die). So thus began my not so short conversation with God.

airplane  - Cartoon image for proofing use only, unauthorised reproduction prohibited.
Why don't planes carry parachutes instead on life jackets?...

The whole time that I was holding this man that I don't even know hostage (dang it why couldn't it be some gorgeous, young..ish, mission minded, guy sitting next to me... Oh well... just my luck...) I was apologizing... but yet I would not let go. (it was o.k. he didn't mind).

Well I have officially completed my first week... or my first school week in Ecuador. Spanish is hard. Every morning I walk 15 blocks
to school and back home (I will send you pictures of this mammoth hill I have to climb every day to go home) I better be fit before I return home.

Everyday I walk pass the American Embassy, ( I don't know why, but I feel secure knowing that I live close to the embassy). to go to school for Spanish classes. Some days I feel as if I will never learn the language.

Yo etsoy un poco triste. Yes I miss all of you... I have been hoping that one of you guys would come and visit.... then again you do have a whole year to come... and you better... please :).

This weekend if we get enough people to go we should be going to Mindo, essentially the cloud forest, however if we don't have enough people I am going to spend my Sabbath missing ya'll... well just a little... you know in between catching up on sleep, and reading.

next time I will write some more words in Spanish... right now my brain hurts.


Love y'all lots

Sunday, August 10, 2008

One Week... The Countdown Begins....AHHHHHh

O.k... O.k... O.k... I know I have missed a week, however I do have a good excuse... Mac had an emergency... Yes for you non Mac users... Mac is a computer... More so HE was my brain ( now at this point I can make a joke about men... but it is too obvious)... Love ya guys:) My hardrive died and I needed to replace it... and no I did not back it up... ( yes, yes, lesson learned). So... getting back to the original story I could not post a new blog B cause I did not have a functioning computer. Yes I Cried, O.K maybe not actual tears, but... my friends did after they heard me lamenting on and on and on about the information that I have lost....

Anyways... One more week left.. actually I have less than 5 days left B 4 I leave... you can let out your tears now...don't try to be strong I know that you will miss me:( in fact i can almost see the tears now... Oh wait that's me...hee hee... I'm eating some spicy food... :)

Anyhoo ... I will leave you for now...
Read, learn, post and share your thoughts..

Love you
Marc J A.K.A. Peppaseed