Friday, July 6, 2012

Gerilon's Miracle

For several months the Haiti Adventist Hospital team has been working to get a young man with a facial tumor some help.  One of our visiting orthopedic surgeon Dr. Bibiloni suggested bringing him to Puerto Rico for surgery.  A "get Gerilon to Puerto Rico  team was formed". Project Medishare made it possible for us to get the CT SCAN, Dr. Bibiloni arranged everything on the Puerto Rico end for Gerilon and his mother to get a visa and for his time in Puerto Rico during his recuperation from his surgery. 

With unfaltering devotion Marie Paul was able to call in some favors at the local television and radio stations to raise money for Gerilon.  With the aid of our CMO Dr. Geneus, Gerilon and his mom were able to get a passport in short ime frame.  Haitian citizens from all over called into the stations pledging their support of this young man.

Below is a copy of an e-mail Marie Paul sent me on Gerilon's first day of surgery
We were received like royalty, the First Lady of Puerto Rico, Lucé Vela and the Secretary of State Kenneth McClintock as well as Dr. Bibiloni, Dr. Carlos Mellado, other doctors and dignitaries were
at the airport to receive us. We were escorted throughout the trip by Homeland Security Officers, TSA, and afforded other privileges reserved for diplomats. All this for a young man from Haiti who lives in a small house without electricity, running water, and indoor plumbing. God is so good and He does things in a grand way. Our airline tickets were donated by a travel agency in Haiti and they sent us first class, Gerilon got to meet the pilots and sit in the cockpit of the plane. 

 Gerilon had his first procedure done today, a tracheostomy ( a hole in his throat to help him breath).. He is spending the night in Intensive Care and going back to his room tomorrow. The First lady of PR, Luce Vela, came to see him today after his surgery, she's awesome. I think she's going to have him on a talk show. The removal of the tumor is scheduled for next Thursday morning.

I am sending you a picture of Geri right after the tracheostomy, and one with his mom.

This young man has several months of surgery ahead of him if you would like to help financially please contact me at and I will place you in contact with the appropriate people.  

Most of all please pray for this young man, his family and the doctors doing the surgery.