Friday, August 22, 2008

Ecuador or bust...

I am here... or there depending on where you are. I have finally reached Ecuador. Believe it or not I do not have any adventures to share. the whole process of getting here was so smooth, I knew something was bound to happen.... Wait....

O.k y'all know how I love to travel but I HATE flying. I am one of those people that you hope does not sit next to you because you know that as soon a there is the slightest bit of turbulence they are all over you... YES that is what I did. There was this gentlemen sitting next to me, we had a nice long conversation about his life a little about mine ( for those of you with a dirty mind.. no it was not a mid-Atlantic hook up). It was a nice conversation... I LIKE TO TALK...

...Anyways back to the story... at one point in this long flight from Cali to Atlanta there was some turbulence... let me tell you, before I knew it and most certainly before he knew it I was all over him. I mean, I had a grip on his arm and I was half on his seat.. ( dang it y'all planes are not suppose to drop and sway that hard!! I thought that I was going to die). So thus began my not so short conversation with God.

airplane  - Cartoon image for proofing use only, unauthorised reproduction prohibited.
Why don't planes carry parachutes instead on life jackets?...

The whole time that I was holding this man that I don't even know hostage (dang it why couldn't it be some gorgeous, young..ish, mission minded, guy sitting next to me... Oh well... just my luck...) I was apologizing... but yet I would not let go. (it was o.k. he didn't mind).

Well I have officially completed my first week... or my first school week in Ecuador. Spanish is hard. Every morning I walk 15 blocks
to school and back home (I will send you pictures of this mammoth hill I have to climb every day to go home) I better be fit before I return home.

Everyday I walk pass the American Embassy, ( I don't know why, but I feel secure knowing that I live close to the embassy). to go to school for Spanish classes. Some days I feel as if I will never learn the language.

Yo etsoy un poco triste. Yes I miss all of you... I have been hoping that one of you guys would come and visit.... then again you do have a whole year to come... and you better... please :).

This weekend if we get enough people to go we should be going to Mindo, essentially the cloud forest, however if we don't have enough people I am going to spend my Sabbath missing ya'll... well just a little... you know in between catching up on sleep, and reading.

next time I will write some more words in Spanish... right now my brain hurts.


Love y'all lots

Sunday, August 10, 2008

One Week... The Countdown Begins....AHHHHHh

O.k... O.k... O.k... I know I have missed a week, however I do have a good excuse... Mac had an emergency... Yes for you non Mac users... Mac is a computer... More so HE was my brain ( now at this point I can make a joke about men... but it is too obvious)... Love ya guys:) My hardrive died and I needed to replace it... and no I did not back it up... ( yes, yes, lesson learned). So... getting back to the original story I could not post a new blog B cause I did not have a functioning computer. Yes I Cried, O.K maybe not actual tears, but... my friends did after they heard me lamenting on and on and on about the information that I have lost....

Anyways... One more week left.. actually I have less than 5 days left B 4 I leave... you can let out your tears now...don't try to be strong I know that you will miss me:( in fact i can almost see the tears now... Oh wait that's me...hee hee... I'm eating some spicy food... :)

Anyhoo ... I will leave you for now...
Read, learn, post and share your thoughts..

Love you
Marc J A.K.A. Peppaseed

Monday, July 28, 2008

Book I: Three weeks and waiting

Marc: Book I Chapter: Three weeks and waiting

This is the story of my life.

Marc Book I : Three weeks

Language learning!!! HA

I love this period of my life it is full of expectations, and fear, I not sure what God is going to do and how.

The countdown is on I now have three weeks to the day before I leave for Ecuador. Three weeks to make memories that will sustain me when I am all alone. I have three weeks to make y'all miss me :wink:Three weeks to get into trouble... and out of course, y'all know me, I'm a good girl :wink: and three weeks to miss all of you.. O.k, all right enough of the mussy stuff. :bigkiss:

Guys, as the date draws closer to leave my anxiety builds, I sometime think that i will never learn this new language , yes SPANISH arrrhhhh, yeah, yeah, yeah everyone says that I will learn Spanish easy, o.k now y'all just know that if you are a native Spanish speaker THAT IS NOT COMFORTING, try saying something in another language... you see people smiling at you with the look that says " ohh how sweet, she is butchering my language but she tried"

A lot of you (my friends) are telling me that I will learn this language, that better be the case or this is the last that you will hear from me.......until I do.

This is the story of my life, not in its entirety, just in part. it is my book to write, my adventure to tell, friends to make, tears to cry, and new joys to discover, all with the love of my life (that my friends is another chapter, wouldn't you love to read it....tss...tss.... patience)

Until next time
Love you all

Marky Marc
(pick a name, depending on what you know me as)
and if you are looking for a new name to call me...
Call me Mujercita hermosa

Love ya, ciao